Monday, November 23, 2009

Getting ready for Turkey day!

Today I made place cards for our Thanksgiving meal.
Don't know if you can see, but Addie has a really tiny addition.
We should know this week what she and Trevor are expecting


Jana said...

Those are SO cute!! You are such a creative person! Teach me how to do that! And I'm sure you'll let us all know what Addie is going to be having...right!:)

Susan said...

Jana, this is using my HugWare clip art. Way too easy to do. Come over or I can come to you and show you how easy it is to use the clip art for something like this.

Addie called just a couple minutes ago and told me she is having a healthy ____! I can't say at the moment. Addie and Trevor want to tell their sibblings at Thanksgiving so in a day or two I will post the news. So happy!

JadedOne said...

Cute placecards :)

Big Rog & Deon said...

Susan when and if you find this comment will you send me your e-mail address again as I seem to have lost it when transfering to a new lap top....Merry Christmas from the Sunbird Coles in Yuma, AZ
Deon & Roger!

Fitzy said...

Just needed to remind you that it may be time to update. just saying

Susan said...

Oh Michelle...I know, I know! Megan has been bugging me about it! My New Years resolution is to update like crazy Ü