Saturday, August 29, 2009

The making of my Christmas pillow for Super Saturday!

I found bought this cute pattern when I was in Utah last this last July.
Thought it would make the perfect Christmas project for our Super Saturday...October 10th!
When I returned home I found the fabric I wanted to use and the work began......

Now I had to get in the right mood so I picked Mr. Darcy's favorite movie.
Nothing like Jane Austen to get the creative juices going.

The fabric...I love each piece!

I didn't like the printing of the original pattern so I redid it according to Susan.
Notice the Betsy McCall light table? My mom gave it to me for Christmas when I was in the 4th grade!
A long, looooong time ago. It has served me well!

Being ancient I couldn't do this project without my Mag-Eyes!
I use to laugh at my mother for using a magnifying glass.
Pay back time!
Stitching done. Sure had fun doing it!

-The finished pillow~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm a clever Granny!

I picked up this mini vac at Wally-World and it is just the right size for Alissa!
I plug that baby in and she goes to town cleaning the whole house....and she thinks it's fun!!
Yep...I'm one clever Granny!
Notice the apron.
My grandmother made it for my mom when she was little.
I wore that apron and so have all my daughters. Now Alissa has the honor.
(I'm hoping I will have more granddaughters to share in this tradition)

Ask and yea shall of Joshua and Kendra

Having no pictures to post of my son and his girlfriend, I asked and Kendra sent this photo.
Thanks Kendra! You sweetie-pie!
-They are huge baseball fans-
Here is a cute photo of Josh and his little sister, Sara!
How nice to see your grown kids enjoy each other's company.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Today is our 36th wedding anniversary!

The way we were:
August 18, 1973
Good grief we look so young!
Looking back on these photos, we always said Joel looked like a gangster in his brown shirt.
Just two kids in love!
And here are the old folks today..
August 18, 2009
Joel took me to a new restaurant in Montrose.
(Thanks Sue McMillen for the idea)
We had a wonderful Salmon dinner.
Our waitress was so sweet...she took our picture.

Guess what the topic of conversation was at dinner??
Hee, hee!

The Stone House Restaurant

My favorite things of this summer.....

Mid August is here. The nights are getting cooler, days are getting shorter and the garden is producing more squash and cucumbers than the neighborhood can eat! Soon the humming birds will depart, frost will seize the garden and the warm afternoons will be a thing of the past. This has been a good season and I will miss it.
Here is a glimpse into the past 3 months.
Life has been good!

Addie graduated with her Master's degree!
Two long, hard years and she did it with straight A's!

Proud Parents with child

After graduation ceremonies, we headed down to St. George to show Trevor and Addie Megan's new home.

After church we walked around the St. George Temple. Such a beautiful sight!

Every two years my Aunt Judy, cousin Kate, Addie and I get together to spend days on end talking, laughing, eating, catching up with each other's lives, solving the world's problems, eating and crafting late into the night. This year we met in Spanish Fork, Utah and stayed with Addie. We tried not to buy everything in sight at the scap-booking stores...what fun we had. We spent hours making cards and projects. The time went way too fast and I'm counting the days until we are together again.

This year Megan joined us for a couple days and we went sight seeing in Salt Lake City.
Here are Megan, Addie, Katie and Aunt Judy in front of the Tabernacle.

Addie and Megan outside the Lionhouse Resurant. We had a lovely lunch there.

Joel finally got rid of his old stinky hat and bought a new one for the Olathe Corn Festival!

Alissa and me getting ready to watch "Coraline".
Life is much more fun in 3-D glasses!

Our beloved Tigger had to be put down in mid July. He was 21 years old. We miss him terribly.

The "girls" just keep on chucking.
Eat those crickets and grasshoppers girls!!

We have the best kids in the neighborhood. They came over to meet Mr. Darcy
Love at first sight!
Alissa lost her first tooth!

My happy spot is my flowers....

...and the abundant garden.

After months of searching and bidding, Sara finally bought her first home!
She sent this picture when she closed and got the keys to the front door!
We couldn't be happier for her. There is something so comforting when your children buy their first home.
All grown up and taking responsibility.
Way to go Sara Jane!

(I realized we have no pictures of Joshua and Kendra)
We stayed with them in the early summer when Alissa graduated from Kindergarten.
I need to keep my camera around my neck to remind me to snap photos.
The next time we are together I will make sure to get those two for this blog!

We adopted Mr. Darcy and life has never been the same.
He spends his day saying, "My house, my toys, my yard, my people, my chickens, my...."

He has helped fill the void that Tigger left in our lives.
We are smitten.

Time is drawing nigh and soon the storms of winter will be upon us..
making new memories to cherish.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Inspiration for a baby card..

This bag for a baby gift inspired me to make this gift card!

Simple but sweet!
I used Stampin' Up card stock - Barley Banana, Whisper White and Papertrey's Bitty Dot Basics.
Stamp set is Stampin' Up - "Wild About You"
SU scalloped edge punch and corner rounder where used. SU buttons and the tiny heart was from a stash I have.

Summer with Alissa

Alissa has spent the summer with her daddy and that means we have enjoyed having her every Wednesday! When she is here, my world stops and they day is devoted to her. We have made play dough, done craft projects, played house, colored, read stories, gone school shopping and consumed a bazillion popsicles! She is so excited to start 1st grade but I will be sad to see her go. In this photo she is trying out the ironing board I found at a friend's home. It is old and rusty but Alissa loves it.
I had one like it as a kid. Nice to know in this day and age kids take pleasure in the same things we did. I love this child more than life it's self. What a blessing to have grandchildren.
Truly a reward towards the end of our adventure called life.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The newest addition to our family-Mr. Darcy. We have had him for almost 2 weeks and we have fallen in love. Never thought we would have a foo-foo dog but this little guy has stolen our hearts