Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3x3 gift card for a wedding!

A friend of ours is getting married soon so I headed to my craftroom
today, to make a card and gift bag.
(Oh how I love any excuse to play in that room)
 3x3 cards are my favorite cards to make because they are quick 
and they usually turn out really cute!  And who doesn't like cute?!?
Stampin' Up carries wonderful little packages of envelopes that fit 
the 3x3 cards & I like keep several packages on hand.
Here's what I came up up with;
 Such easy touches that turned out A-OK.
I need to play in that craft room more often!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Moments That Matter Most

As families, we face so many challenges.  Some are big, some are 
small.  How we choose to react to those challenges is in our hands.  
I love the message here and I hope you do too.
I'm so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ 
and the direction it helps me to follow.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A country pillow for my grandfather's chair.

It all started with my grandfather's chair.
My grandfather, unbeknownst to me, kept two chairs like the one
 below, in storage for his life time.
They belonged to his mother or his grandmother.
(not quite sure of the story)
He came from very humble beginnings.  
He worked and sacrificed for his education and made a good life for
his family.
Here he is with my grandmother probably in the 1930's or 40's 
When he passed away, my mother inherited the two chairs,
and when she passed away I became the privileged care taker.
I loved both chairs because my grandfather loved them. It pleased
me to know he was just as sentimental about family "things" as I am.
 Unfortunately they were both in disrepair.  Spindles were missing,
the legs where loose and old supports for the chair were weak.
One year my sweet husband took the chairs to his shop,
made new spindles, fixed the supports and legs, and lovingly
rubbed them with tongue oil. One sits in our living room next to a
 desk that belonged to my grandparents..
(the first piece of furniture they bought).
The other chair was tucked away in a spare room until this
Thanks Giving when I found a place for it in our hallway.
But it looked so lonely there..something was missing.
I needed to make a pillow!
The adventure began....
First a pattern was chosen.
 Then fabrics picked out from my scrap tub.
The fun of stitching ...
cutting 2" strips and arranging them just so...
 making the pillow form...
 constructing the back of the pillow with flaps...
 and it was done!
 I love the message and I think my grandparents would too!
 Now my grandfather's chair is a warm welcome to those who may
stay in our home.
How grateful I am to have a piece of my grandfather's heritage.