Friday, February 5, 2010

I love to see the Temple...

This year for my birthday I asked Joel if we could visit Megan for her birthday. So we made the 7 & 1/2 hour trip and what a marvelous time we had! Hiking the red rocks in the morning and spending the afternoon in the temple. Megan went with her ward to do baptisms and we went on a session at the same time. Here is a shot of the temple when we were done. You an barely see it in the darkness but it was lovely just the same.

Later that evening we took Megan to the Olive Gardens for dinner and as we were seated I realized Elder Holland was seated in the booth right behind us!! What a thrill to be so close to this amazing man! Later, when he started to leave with his family, he greeting us and took my hand. Couldn't ask for a better ending to a perfect day.

Shots from a top the red rocks of St. George....

You can see the beautiful temple.

The Dixie "D" in the background

Breath taking views and the temperatures were in the 50's!
Nice change from the frigid teens back home.

Hiking the red rocks with the naughty little dog

Mr. Darcy loved the hike up in the red rocks of St. George.

When the hike was over...the naughty little dog had red paws!
Proof of one verygood day.

The birthday girl!

We had to leave St. George on Megan's birthday and she had to return to work. Here she is behind her birthday flowers from her sweet roommate, Nicole.

The working girl sitting at her desk. 23 years ago she was a little baby in my arms...sigh!

Getting ready for Megan's birthday!

This year I asked Megan what she wanted for her birthday and she gave me a list of Stampin' Up products. don't have to twist my arm to place an order with my favorite Stamping Company!
When the box arrived I had to smile at the printed sign on the box...

I have to admit when ever I see the UPS truck on the road, I think to myself..
A Stampin' Up order is on it's way...maybe to my house!!
This is what I bought for her. She should have some fun with all this!

What good friends look like....

Our dear friends Kirt and Becky came into town and stayed with us an evening.
It has been several years since they moved away from our small town,
but being together once again was like time had stood still.
Guess that is a sign of deep and enduring friendship.
Something to be cherished