Friday, February 5, 2010

What good friends look like....

Our dear friends Kirt and Becky came into town and stayed with us an evening.
It has been several years since they moved away from our small town,
but being together once again was like time had stood still.
Guess that is a sign of deep and enduring friendship.
Something to be cherished


Annie of Blue Gables said...

my goodness I haven't seen them in a LONG time. I love to see those friendly faces. How sweet for you.

Tara R. said...

It's so nice that you have made the effort to keep in touch over the years. I know that means so much to them. They commented about how wonderful it was to see you and stay with you. We love your family. I have so many great memories with you all.

-Susan- said...

Tara darling..I truly feel your family is our family. So many Christmas memories together, you kids growing up together, your mom and me escaping parenthood for the yearly Education Week at BYU..the loss of your pets and ours...proms..nothing but love in my heart for you guys - always!