Monday, March 22, 2010

Megan goes to the Temple!

Just after all the excitement of Quinn's birth, Joel came to Utah
and we took a couple days to be with Megan while she went thru the
temple. What a joyous day for all of us.
Here she is just before we entered.
A photo afterwards on the steps of the St. George temple.
Lovely day all in all.
Just for fun we went to see "Alice" in 3-D.
Had to take a picture of us wearing the good looking glasses.

Mean while ..the naughty little dog ..

Mr Darcy came with me when I visited Addie and Trevor.
I hadn't planned on staying THREE WEEKS and the naughty little
dog looked more like an unkept teddy bear.
I found a groomer down the street from Addie's house and ..
the hair all came off!
Who is this little dog we picked up??
Still the naughty little dog we know and love.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The excitement of a new baby in the family!!

Upon returning home from the birth of Quinn, what does Grampa do?
He tries to decide which Smokey the bear to send to his grandson.
Addie voted on the big one with the hat.
Great choice!
Uncle Josh and Aunt Kendra sent a onsie to their nephew!
Those kids are sharing their love of the Rockies
with Quinn ... this will look so good on him :)
A shot of Granny and Gramps with the grandson
First time holding Quinn.
Nothing feels better than a baby in your arms.
After almost a month in the hospital...Quinn comes home!

What love looks like ...

Random photos of Quinn

It all happened so fast!

Addie felt the urge to push so I ran to tell her doctor.
In a matter of minutes everyone was dressed and ready to go!
Since the baby was 6 weekly early, Addie was wheeled to the O.R. so if
any complications arose, they could be handled.
Trevor escorting his wife to delivery I was left in her empty room...emotions were high as I realized my grandson
was about to come into this world. I felt so close to my Heavenly Father as I gave thanks for this miracle child .. yet worried for him as he was coming so early in his life.
I was led to a door that led to the holding room just outside the delivery room.
As the N.I.C.U. team rushed in, I knew Quinn was about to be born.
I had my ear to the door and texting family and friends what was happening -
minute by minute.

I heard the first cry and then the tears of joy couldn't be stopped.

The N.I.C.U. team, Trevor and Quinn emerged and I was able to snap this photo of
the newest memeber of our family.

Love at first sight!

The best laid plans have a habit of changing ...

Addie's due date was April 6..
but on February 15 the call came that her water broke and when I arrived
2 days later, I found Addie and Trevor playing the waiting game.
The Doctors and nurses were hoping she could keep her baby inside one more week...
and she did!
Trevor keeping busy while waiting and waiting.
When I asked her if there was something I could do for her -
she asked if I could paint her toe nails!
She is such a girl!
February 23 .. labor was induced and the work began.
Trevor a bit concerned and very tired.

The making of a Diaper Cake!

Addie had her baby shower scheduled for February 20... (of course that didn't happen)
When I asked her what she wanted for her shower she immediately said,
"A diaper cake!"
That sounded quite gross to me but when I google said diaper cake,
I was surprised at all the amazing ideas and tutorials that came up.

Here is the making of my cake...

Getting the 96 diapers ready for construction

The center pilar of the cake..
basic cake contructed and the gathering of decorations.