Thursday, May 24, 2012

What can a negative or positive attitude do for you?

I LOVE Hillary Weeks!  
I own every album she has produced and I have 
personally talked with her and given her a hug! 
(BYU Women's Conference) 
Along long with about a bajillion other ladies :)
This morning I was checking Face Book, 
 and yes she is one of my friends, 
when I saw this clip she had posted.
What a great message! 
Hope you take the time to listen.
Showing gratitude for all our Heavenly Father
has given us can make all the difference.
By small and simple things, we have amazing power
to make our lives and those around us better! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

A patchwork apron for Addie

 Our oldest daughter, Addie turned 33 in April and she 
has been bugging me for a loooooong time to make her an apron. 
 I decided it was about time to get this project done for her.  
These are her kitchen colors.  
Fun fabrics, huh?

I chose this pattern because I had such a fun time making it 
for my quilting guild's Ugly Fabric Challenge.
Loved how it turned out the first time and to be honest
 I could make a million of these...that's how fun it is to make.  
You should try it yourself!!

I loved how it turned out.  It looks like Addie!!
Fun bright colors - do you think it will make her want
 to cook outrageous dishes??  

Megan was home for a few days and she graciously agreed to 
modeled it for you to see :)
(It was a windy Spring day in Western Colorado)
As Megan would say ... 
"Hope ya like it Addie!"
- Happy Birthday -