Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Diaper Cake for Sara

This Saturday is Sara's baby shower and I promised her a diaper cake!
They are so fun to put together! 
I googled diaper cake and tons of ideas are out there.
Lots of tutorials on YouTube!  Give it a try!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring has sprung - FINALLY!

Last year I must have been late in visiting my favorite nursery because there were hardly any plants to choose from.  So.....I called Wednesday to asked when the best time to shop for the best selection.  They said TODAY!  Mother's Day weekend usually wipes them out so on Thursday, Joel and I headed to High Country Gardens and bought plants to our hearts content!  No one was there so we had the attention of the workers there and the selection was amazing!   Take a look below to see what we bought.

Joel got the soil ready for me ..

.. and my planters!
Stay tuned for the end result!
Oh how I love this time of year!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The wood shed is complete!

Since we returned from Utah, Joel has been hammering, nailing and sawing away. Today the noise stopped and Mr. Darcy and I went out to see why....

The wood shed is done and what a great shed it is!!

I think Joel is pretty happy the way it turned out.  Now the work begins to cut more wood for next winter.

If I was a little girl, I'd love to play in this shed.  I'm hoping the shed will be vacant for a little while so Alissa can play in it this summer!
I'm so blessed that I married a man who loves to build - our house, my craft room, the sun porch, his shop and now the wood shed.  Thank-you honey...I do love you!

Women's Conference 2011 at BYU

This year Addie, Megan and I attended Women's Conference at the BYU campus! 
It is two days, packed with every kind of class you can imagine to help us as women deal with the challenges of today.  This year's theme was "By Small and Simple Things". 
 Below are some favorite photos I took while there. 
These pictures were taken at the closing session. Elder and Sister Bednar were the closing speakers and they were wonderful!  I took these pictures to get a sense of all the women attending - from all over the world!  The place was buzzing with noise until Elder Bednar walked in ...then dead silence.  Amazing!

A highlight for me was meeting Hilary Weeks.  I have all her albums and have loved her inspiring music for years.  She is so funny and down to earth.  Gotta love this woman!

A shot of Megan and me.

Addie and Megan

A huge part of Women's Conference is service!  There are tons of projects to do while listening to the classes and rooms set a side for different service areas.  Thursday night has several hours dedicated to doing service for people in all parts of the world.  Below are a couple photos taken while we were busy at work.  It was really fun to do and by the end of the conference it was amazing to hear of all the items completed at the end of the two days...and so by small and simple things...much is accomplished.

Making decorative bands for hats to give to cancer patients.
It was a wonderful two days. 
Thanks to grampa for baby sitting Quinn!
Joel informed us that they got in the car, headed to Provo to pick up Trevor at work
then went to the Man-Cave --- Cabela's!