Saturday, May 7, 2011

Spring has sprung - FINALLY!

Last year I must have been late in visiting my favorite nursery because there were hardly any plants to choose from.  So.....I called Wednesday to asked when the best time to shop for the best selection.  They said TODAY!  Mother's Day weekend usually wipes them out so on Thursday, Joel and I headed to High Country Gardens and bought plants to our hearts content!  No one was there so we had the attention of the workers there and the selection was amazing!   Take a look below to see what we bought.

Joel got the soil ready for me ..

.. and my planters!
Stay tuned for the end result!
Oh how I love this time of year!!


Ten Cow said...

I bet your yard looks pretty with all your new flowers! I'm jealous you got to go to Women's Conference!

-Susan- said...

Mariesa, just got the last of my window boxes planted today! Wahoo!! It is getting quite stormy tonight and tomorrow's forcast is rain. As soon as the sun comes out I will post pictures of the planters in place. Women's Conference was wonderful..Just DVRed speakers from the Conference on the BVU channel today -(and tomorrow) I tried clicking on your name to head to your blog...didn't go thru. Let me know what blog is yours. I have a ton of favorite blogs I visit weekly :)

-Susan- said...

Mariesa..just figured out who you were. Silly me! Hope you stop by again :)