Sunday, March 21, 2010

It all happened so fast!

Addie felt the urge to push so I ran to tell her doctor.
In a matter of minutes everyone was dressed and ready to go!
Since the baby was 6 weekly early, Addie was wheeled to the O.R. so if
any complications arose, they could be handled.
Trevor escorting his wife to delivery I was left in her empty room...emotions were high as I realized my grandson
was about to come into this world. I felt so close to my Heavenly Father as I gave thanks for this miracle child .. yet worried for him as he was coming so early in his life.
I was led to a door that led to the holding room just outside the delivery room.
As the N.I.C.U. team rushed in, I knew Quinn was about to be born.
I had my ear to the door and texting family and friends what was happening -
minute by minute.

I heard the first cry and then the tears of joy couldn't be stopped.

The N.I.C.U. team, Trevor and Quinn emerged and I was able to snap this photo of
the newest memeber of our family.

Love at first sight!

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