Saturday, August 29, 2009

The making of my Christmas pillow for Super Saturday!

I found bought this cute pattern when I was in Utah last this last July.
Thought it would make the perfect Christmas project for our Super Saturday...October 10th!
When I returned home I found the fabric I wanted to use and the work began......

Now I had to get in the right mood so I picked Mr. Darcy's favorite movie.
Nothing like Jane Austen to get the creative juices going.

The fabric...I love each piece!

I didn't like the printing of the original pattern so I redid it according to Susan.
Notice the Betsy McCall light table? My mom gave it to me for Christmas when I was in the 4th grade!
A long, looooong time ago. It has served me well!

Being ancient I couldn't do this project without my Mag-Eyes!
I use to laugh at my mother for using a magnifying glass.
Pay back time!
Stitching done. Sure had fun doing it!

-The finished pillow~


Jeannetta said...

Cute pillow! But, I must say, the girls here are not too happy with your choice of movie--not that the authoress herself is anything less than perfection for engaging the female mind; no, the choice is the application :D

Susan said...

I love both the A&E and this newer version. When I have the time, I watch the A&E and when time is short...I watch this one. Happy no matter what!

Fitzy said...

Honestly the cutest blog name I have ever heard. I love it!

Jana said...

I signed up to make the pillow today...hope I'm not getting in over my head!!!:) Just loved it too much to pass it up!

Susan said...

Thanks Fitzy! I'm new at this blog thing and having lots of fun with it. Appreciate your comment!

Susan said...

Jan...this pillow is as easy as pie. Just two stitches and very simple sewing. It will just take some time to finish the embroidery. My biggest fear is that no one will like what I have chosen for the project....glad you signed up!