Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer with Alissa

Alissa has spent the summer with her daddy and that means we have enjoyed having her every Wednesday! When she is here, my world stops and they day is devoted to her. We have made play dough, done craft projects, played house, colored, read stories, gone school shopping and consumed a bazillion popsicles! She is so excited to start 1st grade but I will be sad to see her go. In this photo she is trying out the ironing board I found at a friend's home. It is old and rusty but Alissa loves it.
I had one like it as a kid. Nice to know in this day and age kids take pleasure in the same things we did. I love this child more than life it's self. What a blessing to have grandchildren.
Truly a reward towards the end of our adventure called life.


Butternut Sage Designs said...

hi Susan, I feel your heart as you speak of Alissa. What a beautiful face she has! I am sure the bonds you created this summer will live with her through out her life, and be a special memory when she reflects upon them when making summers special,for her own grandchildren one day

Sara said...

Mom----I absolutely love that you got to spend time with Alissa this summer. Thank you for everything you do for the both of us. Love you SO much!!

Susan said...

Sara, you warm my heart. I love you too...wish you could get into my heart to see how much. I'm so happy too that we could have some time with Alissa. Seemed like it went way too fast. Can't wait to see you guys this fall.

Annie of Blue Gables said...

grandchildren are the BEST. You were lucky to get her all summer.