Saturday, January 9, 2010

Random snap shots from the last couple months...

Mr. Darcy with his "favorite" sister at Christmas.
(she brings him squeaky toys when she visits)
The old couple outstanding in their field .. hee, hee!
The whole clan at Thanksgiving
Trevor, Addie, Joshua, Kendra, Sara, Leland,
me holding the naughty little dog, Alissa, Joel, Megan holding Alissa's dog - Bruiser
A playful shot of Megan ..she had just come home with flowers for her mother.
Such a sweety-pie. In November we went up to Salt Lake.
After a lovely lunch with our friends the Skalas,
some wonderful girls took our picture in front of the temple.


sara said...

love the update! bruiser's name is spelled wrong in the family photo :) love the new back ground too!

Susan said...

ThanksSara Jane .. fixed the spelling error. Addie walked me through changing the background. I don't know if I will ever have this blog business under my belt. I'm having fun trying.Love you kid-o.