Friday, February 24, 2012

A no sew tutu for Alissa

For Alissa's birthday this year, I wanted to make her a tutu. I had 
seen them in craft shows for $25.00 and I knew I could make one 
for less.  So I did what any woman of the 2000's would do..
I YouTubed it and found a video that explained how to make one!
The cost for this tutu was a little over $5.00!!  I had so much fun
making it that I want to make more.
Sara took these shots - because I forgot to take pictures 
while she was here...sigh...what kind of Granny am I??
 This shot shows her wings.  Got them from the Fairy Lady 
at our local Olathe Sweet Corn Festival last August.
 I hope she will have hours of fun pretending she is 
a princess or a Tinker Bell!
Here is the YouTube video that I got all my information from

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Cyndie said...

It's darling! You are a perfect grandma, that's what kind! I love your sewing and your cards! And so I have tagged you with the Liebster Blog award! Please check back on my blog ( to read more about it, and then pay it forward!