Thursday, January 5, 2012

I love my dog!

I always thought I was a cat person. 
 I have had a cat all my life until now.
When our Tigger-boy pasted away, our kids 
suggested I get a dog.  Joel was gone on fires
during the summer months, (before he retired), 
 and they thought I need protection. 
So, I got my self a dog!
And how I love this little bundle of energy!
He is my shadow where ever I go, he loves to 
cuddle, play ball, and run all over the house like 
a mad little Schnauzer!  
He's soft and warm and he loves to be loved.  
Since the kids are all grown and gone ... 
he's just what I needed!
- I think I'm a dog person -
 Mr. Darcy playing with his new bunny he got for Christmas.
He thinks he's a vicious, mean little critter.
He has the funniest little growl.  It's the tiniest little noise
but he thinks he's one ferocious dog!
 Cuddling with Megan in front of the wood stove 


sara jane said...

:) i also love that dog! almost as much as i love my bruiser and kinser! ps i love your new background!

-Susan- said...

So glad you commented Sara Jane! Stay tuned...I have a cute picture of Megan and Alissa to of Peyton too.

Lisa said...

OH MY GOODNESS...this could be my little Max's brother!!! So sweet. I got my sweet boy when our son was working full time, going to college full time and planning his wedding! He was JUST what I needed too!

-Susan- said...

Lisa we pretty much did the same thing! Our youngest daughter had left home and I needed someone(thing) to love on. My kids all said to get a dog and Mr. Darcy came into our lives. Nothing has ever been the same since! He's one bundle of love! Thanks for visiting my blog :)