Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer time with my granddaughter

Summer is here and that means we have Lissy-Lou-hoo with us .. oh happy days!
Yesterday she arrived and I quickly took her aside and asked her if she knew what this Sunday was?
"Father's Day!"
So after breakfast we zipped down to Wally World and I let her pick out her dad's favorite candy.
Jolly Ranchers and Jelly Life Savors.
Back at the ol' homestead we headed for the craft room with instructions to Grampa,
that he was NOT allowed in with us girls!
We got the stamps, ink pad, die cut machine and adhesive out. 
Alissa made cards and helped to decorate the boxes.  What fun!  Got it all done before lunch.

Grampa's present

Dad's present
I LOVE Summer!!

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