Thursday, June 2, 2011

- First look at Peyton -

Sara sent this 3D image of Peyton that was taken today!  Isn't this amazing??
I can't believe what the medical field can do. He measures at 35 weeks.
One week earlier than Sara is due.  Maybe we will have this little guy in early July!
The nurse said he may be an 8 lb bouncing baby boy!
Oh happy day!


patty said...

Congratulations on the upcoming new addition. Katrina found your blog and told me about it. Nice to see your happy face abd great creations!!!

Greetings from Corvallis,
Patty Fradet

-Susan- said...

Patty!!! I tried to click on your name to see if I could email you or find your luck...please let me know how to get in touch with you! Soooo happy to hear from you. How did Katrina find my blog? Hope you respond :)