Saturday, March 19, 2011

My Hubby loves me ...

I really love my Big Shot!
This machine has opened up new doors of creativity for me.
I was visiting a favorite blog last fall - Stampin By The Sea - and the editor of this blog,
Kimberly, posted a video clip of her craft room. (It is fantastic!)
One of the things she show-cased was a cart for her Big Shot and dies.
Storing my machine and dies had always been a problem for me so when I saw her cart ..
I knew I needed something like it!!
I surfed the internet and found a cart for $125.00 plus shipping and handling.
I called Joel in to take a look at what I wanted for Christmas - hee, hee!
His reply, "I could make that for $25.00"
"WHEN????" was my reply.
I know my husband and when he tells me he can make me something, I sometimes wait for get the picture? October was the promised month - we shook on it!
In February this is what came out of his shop!
I love it! Worth the wait for sure!!

This little goodie is on wheels so I can cart it around my craftroom.
Plastic lines the table top for easy clean up and an smooth working table.

The side arms open for more working space
and any kind of paper scraper NEEDS more space!

This ended up costing him more than the original $25.00 estimated,
but it's just what I wanted.
On top of all this he made me another shelf on wheels to hold
all my Stampin' Up card stock!
Can you believe that man??
Thanks Joel darlin'.

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