Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Ugly Fabric challenge

I belong to a local quilter's guild called "The Basket Case". Every February they have an ugly fabric challenge. Each member that wishes to participate, brings in 1 yard of her ugliest fabric inside a brown paper bag. At the end of the meeting all the bags are numbered and those that brought a bag of ugly fabric goes home with someone else's bag of ugly fabric. We have several months to take that piece of fabric and make it into something fun. In the February meeting we bring back the brown paper bag, filled with the project that was made. Below is the ugly fabric I brought home. (It would have been cute in the 80's)
As soon as I got the fabric I went to a local fabric store and found some pieces that I thought would go with it.
Then I had to decide on what to make with all this fabric. This was the hardest part for me. I wanted to make an apron but that was not allowed...sigh! Should I make a bag? A decorative piece? Something for the sewing room? I took days to decide
When the decision was made, I pieced the fabric together. Really had fun with this part!

When complete, I had one funky sewing machine cover!

The pocket holds a pattern:
The card I made to go into the pocket.
-I got to use some new Stampin' Up stamp sets I just got-
All wrapped up in a brown paper bag...ready to give to the person who submitted the ugly fabric!
What fun!!

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