Monday, February 28, 2011

Like Mother - like son!

Today I was looking through some photos of Addie. She asked me to scan some of her baby pictures to her so she could see if Quinn looks like her. I knew that he had her smile but I was so surprised to see how much he looked like her! If you super-imposed some curls around his head, you'd think it was Addie as a baby!

heart clip art

What cutie-pies!

Quinn at almost 1 year

Addie around 1 year Addie at 2 years
(Josh was around 4 years)

Addie around 18 months


'Fitzy'- Fitzwater Family said...

I think that it is simply amazing that you are so neat with Addie. My mother has been so nasty. Actually disowned me in the last 6 months. And you give me an example as to how I want to be with my daughter... I love the pics...

-Susan- said...

Michelle thanks for your sweet words. I do love my kids and grandkids like crazy. I have learned that we are only in control of what we do. I know you are the best mom around. Just keep up the great work. Your kids will learn from you.

sara said...

you are right! they do look ALOT alike!