Saturday, December 3, 2011

The first snow in Western Colorado

Joel left early this morning for a shooting competition.  
As he kissed me good bye, he said, 
"We got a couple inches of snow last night!"  
I jumped out of bed to look out the window.  
There is something about the first snow ... 
I felt the excitement of a little child!
 Putting on my robe and slippers, I grabbed the camera 
and took a few shots. 
Enjoy the early morning wonder with me.

*(Click on the photos to see a larger image.)

Yesterday Megan was the last of our children to head back home 
after the Thanksgiving festivities.  With all our children and 
grandkids safely back in their homes, I can relax 
and take in Mother Nature's beauty.


Jeannetta said...

Sigh. Makes me homesick :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Winter Wonderland!! Beautiful Photos! <3 Meg

Addie said...

You take some great pictures, mom! Love the one of the washtubs on the wall.

-Susan- said...

Thanks would have laughed if you had seen me in my pink bath robe, green clogs and my lovely hair sticking striaght up!! I was hoping and praying my neighbors weren't up to see me! (About 7 in the morning)

Glad to see your comment Megan Anne!

Jeannetta my home is always your home. I have a spare room with y our name on it!

Butternutsage said...

ooo it all looks so pretty,because I know I can look and not have to shovel. We have been blessed with warmer than normal temperatures nd no snow this year.We had so much last year it was like the olden days!!! I am ready for a more quiet season!Your pictures are beautiful!

DeStampin'Corner said...

These are beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. We have not had any snow here yet and I miss the winter wonderland scene.