Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just like Susan Branch!

A few days ago Susan Branch - one of my very favorite artists and authors - blogged about her collection of fake fruit.  Now I have always steered away from fake fruit but her story about her collection and why she collected fake fruit struck a cord in  my old heart. 
Today Joel and I went up to the big city of Grand Junction to my favorite craft store and what should I see but a lovely presentation of fake fruit!  I told Joel all about Susan's blog and that I too wanted a piece of the fake stuff.  He helped me pick out this lovely red pear.  He thought it was more festive than the green one and I have to admit I love it. 
The only problem is now I feel the need to go to a local antique shop to find the right bowl to display it .. just like Susan Branch .. oh my!
Here is a link to Susan's blog - enjoy the read.

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Susan Branch said...

Love it! Thank you Susan! Another good place for a pear like yours is on a stack of books in your bookcase --- perks things up! Just thought I would say that, forgot to do it in that post. I LOVE the leaves going down your page! Happy Thanksgiving!!

-Susan- said...

Susan I love your design idea! You know I see cute ideas and say to myself ..,"Now why didn't I think of that??" So glad you visited my blog! Been a fan of yours for years!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!