Friday, October 14, 2011

I went to the Pumpkin Patch craft show today ..

Halloween Images

I love the Pumpkin Patch Craft show.  I try to attend
every year.   I had REALLY hoped to go with my bestest
buddies, Teresa and Renee' but they were both tied up.
After texting back and forth..trying to get one of  them
to go with me, Renee' told me I HAD to go, to tell them
about all the cool stuff they missed.
So, I went ... all alone ... sniff - sniff!

The craft show was quite a bit smaller than previous
years but I still found some treasures.
I was really surprised at the fun I had just talking with
the venders at the show.

Take for instance these two charming ladies!
- Melissa and Sherrill -
They made the whole trip worth while!  Such talent
and inspiration in these two women.

They had lots of quilt & stitchery projects that were
top notch! I bought the cutest pumpkin tea towel that you
can see below.

Sherrill use to own the best stitchery shop in 
Western Colorado.  I thought I had died and gone
to Heaven when it opened. But alas she had to close
it and I still morn that loss to this day.  
Melissa is starting to sell her lovely quilted projects
and I really hope she is successful.
Thanks for making my day shine ladies! 

Here is what I brought home - minus some Christmas presents
that I don't want my kids to see :)

LOVE this snowman.  I will have to find a very special place for
him to sit this Christmas. 

Here is a close up on Melissa's tea towel.  I adore it! 
I'm crazy about pumpkins so this really fits in my fall decor!

Doesn't it look too cute hanging on my oven?
Next comes the PepperMint Patch Christmas show.
Teresa and Renee' ..  you'd better mark you calendar for this one!


sara said...

mother you are just so crazy about crafts! Love ya Granny Pole Cat :)

-Susan- said...

I can't help myself Sara's in my blood!