Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer time garden delight

Summer is in full swing so I decided to take a few shots of the yard to
share with you.  You can click on each picture for a bigger view!

-Front Yard-
Looking at the front of the house from my kitchen garden ..
..  and a shot of my craftroom entry way.

This is my favorite spot on the front porch,just outside my craftroom.

I love my mother's birdbath filled with tiny plants.

Of course Mr. Darcy had to get in on the pictures..such a ham!

A favorite place to sit and ponder life on a summer evening.
-The Back Yard_

Joel's old boots on the log.  I tried to plant flowers
in them for several summers.  They dried up too fast
and died.  I gave up...now they're just decor.
A new sitting spot for early morning or evening.

Love this old creamer...makes a perfect home for petunias

The naughty little dog loves summer as much as I do.
What could be better than lyin' on the grass all day?


Sara said...

Your house is beautiful Ma! Let's trade :)

-Susan- said...

Oh Sara,I do LOVE your abode but I'd rather have you close than trade homes. I need my hands on those grandkids my dear. Love you Sara Jane!

Anonymous said...

hi Susan,
What a lovely home and luv to see naughty little dog in the pictures....
Indeed a lovely summer