Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Western Colorado is finally coming alive with Spring!

Last week the temperatures started to get a bit warm and green leaves started to pop out all over! Joel and I made a trip to our local garden center to purchase 2 tress.  Below is one of them.  All their bird baths were on sale ... so for an early Mother's Day present, I got to pick one out!

Our Crab Apple is in full bloom - you can see the new bird bath below.

For years and years Joel has stored our winter wood next to his shop.  This last fall he decided it would be wiser to store the wood away from the shop and house. Thus he began to design and plan the new wood shed.  This man of mine has always been obsessed with his winter wood and I think this was a good excuse for him to build something new and reorganize his wood storage.  This week he began his fun!

We watch spring storms come and go as he continues to build.

Taking a break to indulge me a shot for this blog. 
What a guy!

It won't belong until the ol' man will start cutting fresh cords of wood for next fall.
No longer will it fill up the side of his shop.  As he progresses I will post new pictures.

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