Friday, December 3, 2010

..another file folder....

Making these file folder organizers are addicting!
Again I used some fun Christmas papers I have
had in my stash for a few years.
I wasn't so thrilled with the color pallet, but when it
was complete..I LOVED it!
- To see more detailed on the photos
to see a bigger image -

Two more to finish..
will post them later.


Jana & Kyla said...

My goodness Susan...those are amazing and so stinkin' cute! You are one talented lady!

-Susan- said...

Awww shucks Jana..your'e making me blush! You should come to my house and play! Teresa and Renee' came over in October and we had an "Ode to Super Saturday" day. We worked on these folders all day. Sooo much fun!

ledenzer said...

Susan I can see you all over in the website. I miss you and your creative spirit. I can see the organization worst fault is organizing my life. With these cute little folders, it looks like it could even be fun. I can tell you love Christmas time. Have fun and remember you are loved.

-Susan- said...

Leanne...I can't tell you how I miss you too. You are a spiritual giant that I had the pleasure to know! And talk about creative!!! Girl you have it all over you! I consider myself an orgaized "wanna be". If you could see all the books I have on organization, you would laugh! Constantly trying to be better. Thanks for your kind words. Wish you were just down the street .. I'm grateful for the sweet memories I have of you and your family.

Butternutsage said...

these are adorable and very nicely done!

-Susan- said...

Why thank-you are the sweetest!