Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Funky new planters for this year....

I love looking for fun & crazy planters. This year Joel and went to Dottie's place - and what treasures we found. Joel is so patient and sweet to me. He let me wonder all over her grounds .. pick out what I fell in love with and he carted it all home for me. It was like Christmas in May...I have never had such fun planting as I did last spring. I wanted to share the fun with you...(especially Jannetta, since we love so many of the same things :)

I spotted this milk/cream separator at Dottie's and went back for it a few days later. Didn't plant it this year but watch out...any ideas what I might plant in it?

Some of the planters getting ready to be filled with the joy of summer ... FLOWERS!

When Addie saw my mop bucket, she asked me to make sure SHE gets it when I die! Had to laugh ... my passion for the wierd carries on!

My copper pot!
This reminded my of my DearestAunt Judy. It looked like something she would love...and I do too!

I bought the standing wash tub from Dottie a couple years ago. Every year I plant petunias in it and by the end of summer they are over flowing with color. The newest planter here is the soup pot. The first thing I thought of when I saw it was my friend Jeannetta. She collects pots like this with read rims..me - I was thrilled to find this one with a black rim. Reminds me of days when Jeannetta and I would go looking for our funky treasures in Olathe. What fun we had! Joel's old work boots are on the old stump. I tried to plant flowers in them for several years but it is too hot and dry here. Couldn't keep the soil damp to keep the flowers alive. They give character to this scene.
When I found and fell in love with this cooking plate, Joel just looked at me
like I had lost my mind. I love it!
Next year the soup pot may go atop this treasure!

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